Will Mellors-Blair

Fitpack Co-founder and CEO

Will Mellors-Blair is a nutrition and fitness expert with an obsession for human health optimization. Will has given talks and presentations on this topic at some top universities and institutions. His passion and tenacity to find solutions to human health and performance led him to found Fitpack with the goal to improve the life of millions of people worldwide.

At age 10, Will signed to play football for Manchester United FC, and has been fascinated with human performance ever since, both on an athletic level and on a personal level.

In 2013 he obtained a full scholarship from The University of Michigan to play and study in the United States. This was the start of a journey that has put him on a quest to find the perfect combination of nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness practices to help him reach peak performance as a student-athlete and, ultimately, as a human being.

Surrounded and mentored by world-renowned experts in the fields of clinical & performance nutrition and psychology, Will developed a unique, comprehensive, and holistic approach to health, which he extensively tested on himself – as well as on thousands of people, as part of a structured beta testing program -, and that would ultimately be at the core of Fitpack.

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