Mind & Breath

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Explore using breathwork to relax and focus your mind ahead of a busy day, leading to increased levels of productivity and a feeling of calm.

Mindful Movement

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This chair-based session incorporates breathing exercises and movement to energize the body and focus the mind, perfect for doing at your desk.

Chair Yoga – Energize

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Energize and reboot both your body and mind with this short chair yoga flow designed to recharge you for the rest of your day.

Fitpack Kitchen Live

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Join Fitpack’s Head of Recipe Development Sam Hadadi as she prepares, cooks and talks about immune-boosting foods that are perfect to keep you healthy this winter.

Webinar: Winter Wellbeing in your Business

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Our expert panel will share their views and insights into best practice habits and techniques that HR teams can communicate to employees to keep their mental and physical health in check.

SOS Mindfulness

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Take a break and explore how the tools of minfulness can combat the stressors of day-to-day life leaving you feeling more relaxed and calm.

Chair Yoga – Unwind

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Slow down and relax both the body & mind with the gentle therapeutic flow in the chair. The perfect end to your workday.

Relaxation Meditation

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Quiet the busy mind and cultivate calm in this session which uses the visualization technique to lead you to a place of relaxation and stillness.

Workout – Low Impact HIIT Cardio Core

This high-intensity and low-impact workout will challenge your core strength, stability, and endurance. A great antidote to sitting at your desk all day.

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