For your people,
your business,
and the planet.

Fitpack for Business enables employees to develop and maintain healthy habits
via a technology-led program of positive change.

Plant-based, science-based.

Amazingly, 74% of UK employees still do not consume their ‘5-a-day’. Fitpack for Business encourages and inspires employees to eat more plant-based foods, to be more active, and to develop and maintain healthy habits. This means they’ll have more energy to achieve your business goals. And it’s great for the environment and the planet, too!

We do this through a combination of Webinar Training, Interactive Video Training, and via the Fitpack mobile app.

With Fitpack for Business you can:

Boost Workforce Performance

Your workforce is more motivated and energised to deliver your business goals

Enhance Employee Well-being

Your employees are healthier and happier and more fulfilled in their working lives

Improve Business Sustainability

Your business reduces its carbon footprint and is more sustainable

The Fitpack for Business program

Fitpack for Business has been designed to be inclusive of all nutritional needs and habits and for all exercise levels – there is something for every employee and for every business budget.

The program includes:

Webinar Training for leaders and managers

Interactive Video Training for every employee

The Fitpack smartphone app

How Fitpack for Business can impact your business

Happier and healthier employees positively impact your business.

Reduction in employee
sick days

Average of 7 days lost per employee per year

Lower turnover
of staff

Reduction in recruitment and HR costs

Increase in employee motivation

Higher energy levels increase focus and productivity

Increased revenue and profit

What would a 10% increase do for your business?

Want to know more? Contact us.

Get more information on how Fitpack for Business can help you achieve your business goals, enhance the wellbeing of your people and make your business more sustainable – leave your details below and we’ll get back to you very soon.

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