Our Approach

Attaining long-term sustainable health and wellbeing is a gradual process.

Our main goal at Fitpack was to develop a product that would help people succeed over the long-term. Fitpack has been designed by health experts to help organizations improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their people. Our employee health system has been built with a comprehensive approach in mind. We acknowledge that achieving a life of consistent, day-to-day wellbeing is a process. We understand all of the frustrations and challenges that come with change, that’s why we have built a solution that adapts based on individual needs and progress.

At Fitpack, we help people build and most importantly maintain healthy habits.

As human beings, we are run by our habits. With each activity we entertain during each day, we are creating feedback loops in the brain. These feedback loops are sub-consciously automatic, so they are like our very own autopilot mode. The way we think, the way we eat and the way we ultimately live is based on our habits. At Fitpack, we help people build and most importantly maintain healthy habits first, and move toward developing a positive relationship with our minds and bodies. Once a positive relationship with our minds and bodies is established, we can then move forward towards experiencing wellbeing on a daily basis.

The path to a healthier lifestyle is an ongoing journey.

Health and wellbeing is a lifestyle. Therefore, new healthy habits such as eating a more plant-based diet, meditating, exercising regularly, hydrating well, and getting enough sleep need to be gradually implemented into our day-to-day lives. By incrementally adding healthy habits into our routines, we mitigate the risk of getting overwhelmed. Through patience, trust in the process, and daily engagement, Fitpack provides a solution for long-term health management.

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