About Fitpack™

Will Mellors-Blair and his journey to human health optimization

The story of Fitpack’s conception goes back to 2013, when Will Mellors-Blair, our co-founder and CEO, started his scholarship as a student-athlete at The University of Michigan.

There, he became fascinated with the concept of human health optimization and, supported and mentored by world-renowned experts in clinical & performance nutrition and psychology, he started experimenting on himself with a new, comprehensive approach to health that combined plant-based nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness. The results were outstanding. So much so that he decided to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Upon his return to the UK, and with the help of two co-founders, Sergio Giannone, a product designer, and James Carley, an engineer, Will’s concept has gone through many different steps in its evolution, until its first iteration was officially launched in October 2020 as an Enterprise SaaS application. The goal? To enable people around the world to become healthier and more productive.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are building a health system that can autonomously learn, analyze, and predict health outcomes, and provide real-time recommendations to improve health, productivity and performance. This is why we have decided to work with businesses around the world to enable their employees to improve their health through the adoption of our new, revolutionary technology.

The three pillars of Fitpack

Plant-based nutrition

Nutrition is one of the main pillars of good health, if not the most important one. A vast amount of scientific evidence identifies plant-based nutrition as the gold standard for achieving and sustaining optimal health, and even preventing and reversing some of the world’s leading chronic diseases.

Physical activity

Your body is made to move. As part of the Fitpack comprehensive approach, regular physical activity is another fundamental aspect of good health. At Fitpack, we advocate for forms of exercise that are gentle on the body, easily accessible, and sustainable long term.


Yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises are activities that are often overlooked when it comes to health. For us, they hold as much importance as anything else. In order to achieve wellbeing, physical and mental health need to evolve together as they are deeply interconnected.

About Will Mellors-Blair

Will is Co-founder and CEO of Fitpack. He is a nutrition and fitness expert with an obsession for human health optimization. Read more >

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