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Nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness tools for organizations, at home and in the office.


More than a health & wellbeing app

Fitpack is more than a health & wellbeing app. It is a centralized health & wellbeing platform for organizations of any size. Our comprehensive approach includes nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, delivered through our web and mobile app, but also via live and on-demand classes. Fitpack provides your company with all the tools necessary to help your people achieve optimal health (mentally and physically) while reducing costs for your organization.

Our clients

Companies are now choosing Fitpack to be their employee health & wellbeing partner.

How our platform works


Mobile App

Live &
On-demand classes

Feedback & Reporting


Mobile App

Live & On-demand classes

Feedback & Reporting

Stay engaged, build a healthy community

Education is key to healthy habits formation. This is why Fitpack integrates with your existing communication channels, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace, or email, to deliver content created by our team of Ph.D. health and wellbeing experts. Learn something new, book in for upcoming classes, ask questions, provide feedback and much more.

Live & On-demand classes led by expert instructors

Our team of health & wellbeing experts are on hand to drive engagement and adoption of new healthy habits through Fitpack’s live and on-demand classes. These classes, accessible by individuals of all body types and ability levels, have been designed to enhance employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Classes range from yoga and meditation to fitness and breathwork.

Hundreds of recipes, tailored plans

The Fitpack mobile app is a storehouse of delicious and healthy plant-based recipes, and it provides each employee with a tailored nutrition and exercise plan. All the meals in the Fitpack app are scientifically handcrafted by Fitpack’s in-house nutrition team to promote a healthy immune system, increase energy, and improve mental wellbeing.

Helping your organization to measure success

It is our job to ensure a measurable return on investment. Through consistent feedback and anonymized data analysis, we provide your organization with accurate reporting analytics to warrant the implementation of Fitpack’s health & wellbeing platform. We will work with you to ensure your business goals are aligned with our offering, and we will recommend adjustments where necessary.

We are here to work with you.

Let’s enhance the health & wellbeing of your people together.

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