Shaping the Future Workplace

Tools, activities and insights to automate health & wellbeing for HR

Providing your company with the tools to be ready for work

The Fitpack score is our “readiness for work” index. Based on anonymized mood, sleep quality, energy level, anxiety, and stress data, Fitpack provides you with a company Fitpack score, based on the average score of each employee. Both the company and employees are provided with dynamic recommendations to improve the score over time.


Understand your peoples’ wellbeing

Having visibility of the mental and physical health of your employees is important to making informed business decisions. No more guesswork.


Become a health & wellbeing specialist

Fitpack helps you interpret your employees’ data and provides you with recommendations to intervene and take action on risk areas. Make expert-level decisions, even if you aren’t an expert.


Monitor trends in real-time

Get insights into your people’s health, engagement, and productivity. Reports can be generated and shared with your executive team to demonstrate effectiveness.


Schedule activities around the workday

Whether you decide your employees participate in activities in their own time, or scheduled at a time that suits you, the choice is yours.

It's time to automate health & wellbeing.

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