The Plant-Based App.

For your health. For our planet.

Start your free plan and get access to hundreds of delicious recipes and workouts you can perform anywhere.

The Plant-Based App.

For your health. For our planet.

Start your free plan and get access to hundreds of delicious recipes and workouts you can perform anywhere.

Healthier you, healthier planet.

Fitpack’s unique approach to health and well-being is based on the latest scientific research, recommending a diet focused on plant-based foods. Increased consumption of fruits and veggies, together with a reduction – or elimination – of foods of animal origin, is proven to better your health, support a strong immune system, and reduce your carbon footprint. For your health, for our planet.

Plant-based nutrition, tailored to your needs

Body composition
By asking a few simple questions, Fitpack immediately understands your current rate of metabolism and your caloric needs.

Dietary needs
Tell the app of any food allergies you may have. Your plan will be adjusted to meet your requirements.

Choose whether you want Fitpack to provide you recipes for all your meals, or only some of them.

A personalised plan that adapts to you

Based on your information and preferences, Fitpack creates a bespoke nutrition plan that is 100% plant-based to ensure you’re consuming energy-boosting nutrients that will accelerate your efforts.

Custom meals
The Custom Meal feature (coming soon) allows you to input your own meals that are not a part of your plan. Feel free to edit your current meals and add ingredients to them as well.

If you’ve opted for assistance with exercise, Fitpack will provide you with a workout schedule that’s tailored to your goals. All workouts have video demonstrations and an activity log.

Workout from home or at the gym

Move at home
If you prefer to exercise at home, Fitpack will assign you a plan where no equipment is needed. You can follow it from the comfort of your own living room.

Your personal trainer
Want to gain muscle and increase strength? Great. Fitpack will assign you a gym-based program.

More energy, greater results
With your personalised plant-based nutrition plan, mixed with a home or gym program, you will achieve the results that you desire. 

Your weekly food shop, simplified

Your personalised plan will come with an automated grocery list that is dynamic and will change each week based on what meals you opted Fitpack to assist you with.

Stay organised
No more wondering “what’s for dinner?”. By having your food shopping lists in one place, you will stay organised at all times.

Grocery lists on-the-go
Fitpack is your food shopping companion. Take your phone with you to the supermarket and simply check off the ingredients you need for each week.

Start your journey with Fitpack.

Download the app now. It's free.

Sarah's story

This is how Fitpack has impacted Sarah’s life. Through a plant-based diet and regular exercise, Sarah has sustainably transformed her health and wellbeing.

What our users are saying

Our Approach

Reaching and maintaining good health shouldn’t be a struggle. It should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Fitpack is not about restrictions. Instead, it’s about helping people make conscious, informed decisions about their health.

Why Plant-Based

According to the NHS, 74% of adults in the UK do not consume their “5-a-day.” Can you believe it? By eating less than your recommended 5-a-day, you are becoming nutritionally deficient. In fact, ideally you should be consuming even more than that.


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